About us

De.Kor is Peterborough’s newest lighting store and many will recognize the very familiar face of owner Karen LaRiviere welcoming them.

Karen has a wide variety of business experiences and seems to know almost everyone in town.  From all the way back to the working as a teenager in the old Odeon theatre, to owning an Insurance Agency, Flooring company and even a horse farm. Karen more recently is best known as a Sales associate at Bennetts Furniture.  Karen consistently ranked highest in customer satisfaction.

Thank you Karen for almost 20 years at Bennett's. You are a unique and talented individual, and have been a key part in building Bennett's business and reputation. You are a natural when it comes to fashion, colour and style. We will miss you but wish you well with your lighting store. You are ready for this and definitely have the correct experience to make it work. Good luck and best wishes.

Local expertise matters. Karen knows “what’s in”, but she also knows what works in Peterborough. Her new store is in East City where she now lives. Her heart and family lives here. Come visit her in the store. Nothing is more important to Karen than your experience… except maybe her Grandson Cohen!